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Dance Requirements 3 Gembers

Gloopylonglegs is an ooblet found in Ooblets (game).

Its name comes from gloopy + long + legs. It is probably because it is gloopy and has long legs.

The name could also be a pun on 'daddy long legs', a name for opiliones, a type of spider with similarly long legs.

Signature moves
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Todoozie One.png
Todoozie Two.png
Todoozie Three.png
Todoozie One (0) Todoozie Two (1) Todoozie Three (3)
Gain 2 points every time a move is played this hand Add 1 fluster to opponent and gain 1 hype Earn 10 points after 2 turns of warm-up