How To Play Guide For Ooblets

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This page serves as a basic How to Play Guide for Ooblets.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

There is a Run Button(Yay!) ^_^

  • Computer - To run hold the Shift key on the left while moving
  • Controller - Hold R2 while using the joystick to move

You will move so much faster! ^_^

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

Here are is a list of different ways to earn xp to level up:

  • Each Badge you earn grants 20xp
  • Each Dance Battle won grants 15xp
  • You gain 1xp for everything found (or in other words everything you picked up around town)
  • You gain 1xp for each friendship point earned after completing the Friendship Sticker machine (Printypress)
  • 1 xp is earned for every crafted item
  • 2xp is earned for every crop harvested
  • 1 xp is earned for every item you sell/trade
  • Various xp amounts are earned based on how many gummies you make each day