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For the game, see Ooblets (game)

Ooblets are cute creatures that the player can grow on their farm and collect in Ooblets. Depending on their rarity level, they can be easier or harder to obtain.

For a full list of Ooblets moves, check the Moves page.

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Rarity[edit | edit source]

Ooblets have different rarity levels: Common, Unusual, and Gleamy. Common Ooblets are easy to find. Unusual Ooblets are harder to find and are a different color than their normal counterparts. The rarest is the Gleamy variation. Gleamies sparkle and are more colorful than the Common and Unusual variations, and leave a rainbow trail behind them as they walk. Gleamies can be more commonly found during rainbow rain. Gleamies also have a chance to produce Oobsidian when they aren't in your follow babies.

Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Ooblet being born.png

There are currently three main ways to obtain Ooblet seeds.

  • By dancing with wild Ooblets: Upon winning a dance battle, the player is given the option to comfort their disheartened opponent. If the player chooses to do so, the opponent will produce a seed matching its rarity.
  • By winning the daily tournament: Once the Dance Barn has been opened, there will be a three-round daily tournament. The prize for winning all three rounds is a Common Ooblet Seed. At present, there are several Ooblets only obtainable by winning their seeds in the tournament.
  • Occasionally, Befriendable NPCs may gift the player an Ooblet seed upon earning a new sticker.

Once obtained, seeds can be planted on the farm, just as other seeds. Provided the plot is weeded and watered, after a bit of time (typically 1 in-game day), the Ooblet will be able to be harvested.

At present, the player may have 8 Ooblets maximum as "Follow Babies," who will follow the player around Badgetown and be able to participate in dance battles. In addition, the player can have up to three Ooblets "at home," and has the ability to allocate more Ooblets by placing machines (such as the Crunchster) and assigning an Ooblet to work at it, and by placing and upgrading Oobcoops on the farm.

Badgetown Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets are available in Badgetown.

Mamoonia Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets are available in Mamoonia.

Nullwhere Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets are available in Nullwhere.

Tournament Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets can only be obtained via tournaments and gifts, as their native regions have not been implemented yet.

Unreleased Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets are in the game files but are currently unobtainable/unavailable.

File:Blapbloop gleamy.png|Blapbloop File:Boopy gleamy.png|Boopy File:Chicko gleamy.png|Chicko File:Giles gleamy.png|Giles File:Jama.png|Jama File:Nori gleamy.png|Nori File:Reebo gleamy.png|Reebo File:Troshy gleamy.png|Troshy </gallery>

Scrapped Ooblets[edit | edit source]

These Ooblets have been scrapped and are unlikely to be re-added.